EA’s games suffer from frequent in-game glitches, which is turning gamers off their products.


EA games set a variety of challenges,

called Easter eggs, in their games.

These challenges drive the gamers crazy

and they can spend weeks searching for,

and solving them.


We turn a problem into a challenge by asking gamers to find the glitches.

Live pre-roll Youtube and Twitch advertising

A transparent video layer will cover the normal live video making it look like a glitch. Slowly the logo will appear revealing the mysterious name of the challenge and sparking curiosity amongst players.

Glitched street art will be placed in cities around the world, making people talk about glitches and the mysterious EA Games challenge.


In-game disruption

Through an update we disrupt the game and hijack all consoles with EA games installed. Players will be rewarded for finding the glitches with points. Those with the most points get to become alpha testers for EA and play the newest games before anyone else. 

Video Channel

Blog, sharing platform

Blog accessible through the menu of the console. Allows you to share and see all videos of the glitches that have been found. At the same time a technician will receive a detailed report and can deal with the glitch and remove it.

A weekly video of the “best of” will be shared on Twitch and YouTube.


Of the alpha testers, the best 20 players will be rewarded by being offered the job of advanced game tester. They have the opportunity to be part of the process of the creation of new games.

Alpha Tester