Give your body an extra life


Young peple don't think about having a donor card because death is still far away.


 62 million people people play League of Legends per month, 27 million per day.

In this games players die often and have

no opportunity to give or receive help

when they are dying.


We introduce an in-game update that rewards organ donor players with

special benefits.


You can find all the information on the main page. Character personalisation will be available on this special update.

Organ donors receive a badge that shows their team mates what they stand for, and pushes others to sign up too.

During the game if an organ donor player dies, they leave behind a small pack filled with organs which gives extra life to

their team mates.   

But organ donation is not only about giving, it is about receiving too.

If one of your organ donor team mates

sees you in danger they can give away

some of their extra life.


To encourage people to carry the organ donor card in real life we turn it into a special edition League of Legends phone case, with internal battery that allows you to give extra life to your phone or the phone of a friend.