You can't arrest sound


Free speech is one of our most important rights, and one of the most misunderstood.


Soundcloud’s ethos is “Hear the world’s sounds”. But how can we hear it if half

of the world doesn’t respect freedom

of speech?



Soundcloud creates a new platform on the deep web called DARKCLOUD, allowing artists from all over the world to share their music without the censorship their country imposes on them. The song will then be uploaded to the normal Soundcloud, only with the name of the band hidden to protect them from retribution by their country. The songs will all be compiled in a country by the country chart.

Website Takeover

All comments are hidden behind the track blocking people’s opinions for two weeks, letting users experience personally what it’s like to be muted. After that, all comments will be released, and a track for each country guilty of censorship, featuring all of the comments, will be created and sent to the government as a sign of protest.


Interactive banner. If you try to mute the song a message will pop up and you will be redirected to

Interactive Billboard

Interactive billboards that play music. People passing will have the option to “press to mute”, but Soundcloud refuse to be muted, so even if you do this it will keep playing.