Searching for identities


This project explores the search for identity and how an individual tries to place himself in the everyday world by superimposing the real dimension on a distorted and fictitious reality.

The aim of this work is to combine conceptual research with a strong advertising language, and within the project these tracks will converge into a single path.

The cosplayer finds total comfort in living in a kind of other reality in which he can take refuge and let his imagination run wild, bringing or rather constructing his fantasies in the everyday world. Thinking of living inside a character can change one's perception of the world and probably this practice gives the necessary charge to face the dilemmas and banalities of everyday life. My curiosity led me to rethink the cosplayer formula by trying to place it in an everyday perspective, encouraging the clash of two overlapping realities on a single plane.

In the middle of the book, where the two realities collide, a mise-en-scène is created in which it is curious to watch how these people behave when they have to put themselves on the line in a world that is not their own and above all how they have to relate to themselves with and without a mask.

This kind of approach allows the reader to have a complete view of the person represented here.

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