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The book is about the search for identity and how, as individuals, we try to put ourselves in the everyday world by mixing reality with a distorted and fictitious one.

‘Self published book of a six copy edition.


‘Paths’ is the story of the two months that I spent travelling around Vietnam and Cambodia.


Usually I like to talk about other people’s stories, but this time I decided to talk about my own. For this I used my film camera, and instead of using words to tell the story, I decided to use photographs and let them speak for themselves. 


A storybook filled with more stories; a story about paths and decisions, a story about change, a story for a new beginning. 


The self-published book with a limited run of only 50 copies has now sold out.


Time changes places, cities and monuments. The perception of those objects change through the time allowing new artists, styles and shapes to take overt the previous one. In our age, advertising is the one taking control of the new layers. Uses high historical location and cover them to pass their messages. Through this reportage I've tried to capture this brief moment where a beautiful place get covered for the mere purpose of money. 

Self-published book

Copies of 10 now sold out


Memories that fade and burn like wood in the fire. Fading away and changing our perception of reality

Series of 6 prints


analog post production in dark room